About Us

D is for Dimension, Which represents our multi-dimensional cloud based services that will help fulfill your communications needs, and M for Momentum which is driving us towards a technology rich future.

We cater for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise level. Providing services that cover every day efficient running of your business, which include: cloud based solutions such as Enterprise Telephony, Email, Backup, Cloud Servers, Data Collaboration and much more.

We would like to expresses our sincere gratitude to our existing customers who have helped us build a strong name in today’s market. It is at the core of DMTel’s business to assist SME’s embrace cost effective technology and take their business to the next level with our state of art technology and services.

DMTel’s unique ‘Pay as you Grow’ service model offers our clients and partners the flexibility of expansion to meet their growing business demands. DMTel has a unified platform which can be fully ‘White-Labelled’ for re-sellers and start-up communication service providers to be a valuable part of our growing business eliminating the hassle of setting up expensive infrastructure.

We welcome you to the World of Cloud.



Class 5 Telecom Switch


The DMTel platform includes an Class 5 telecom switch, which is used to terminate calls through our Tier1 interconnect partners. DMTel is a “single hop” VoIP service, only the call from you to us is over VoIP, the terminating leg of the call is completed over traditional TDM circuits, which reduces latency, codec changes and delivers better call quality to our customers.

  • Cloud based Hosted VoIP Systems for SME businesses
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Future proofed
  • A to Z solution
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Telecom System that best suits your business & budget

If you are self-employed or a group of individuals running a small virtual office, Look nowhere other than our Virtual Office Start Up Business Phone Solution. DMTel will provide you with a real DDI (Direct Dial Inbound) number from the area code of your choice and you get all the benefits of our full featured business PBX, including a digital receptionist (IVR – Interactive Voice Response) menu, where you can give different options to your callers or have different messages based on time of the day. Calls can be forwarded to desk phones, soft phones or your mobile devices in a sequence or simultaneously as hunt groups. Moreover if you miss a call, the voice mail can be emailed to you while you are on the move.

Want your global client base to reach you more conveniently? Give them a local number from their own country to call you. DMTel can provide you with international numbers, calls to which will connect straight to you via our platform and your client won’t have to pay any international call charge. Isn’t that convenient? Contact us to find out more on International DDI numbers.

This service is aimed for clients who need specialised solution for their communication platform. Predominantly businesses with complex telecommunication requirements, telecom service providers or businesses providing specific telecom services will be benefited from these services. DMTel’s advanced solutions covers many parts of telco including Unified Communication – UC, setting up your own Voice over IP Platform (Carrier Grade Class 5 Soft Switch), Calling card or PIN less calling services platform, Call Shop, Call Back Solution, Premium route Global A-Z termination, White labelled soft phones and many more.